Aeroseal Duct Diagnostics & Sealing


Duct Sealing From the Inside

Aeroseal is the most effective, affordable
and viable method of sealing duct leaks.
Just like anywhere else, ducts in commercial
building leak...and leaking ducts cost you

  • Increased energy consumption. With fam power representing 40-50% of
    HVAc energy usage, leakage costs can
    be significant due to increases in fan

  • Thermal Loss. When supply air escapes, variations in temperature between rooms and floors occur affecting comfort levels in the space.

  • Equipment Overload. Your system will run longer than specified to compensate for pressure loss and temperature accuracy; this could lead to increased maintenance costs and premature component replacement.

  • Code, Airflow & Safety Issues. Leakage could lead to ventilation and safety code issues related to exhaust, along with excessive power use.

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