Our sheet metal estimating and project management teams work to ensure all aspects of a project's specifications and plans for construction are followed from the budgeting through to its final acceptance stage. Our experience allows for a greater understanding of the demanding nature present in today's construction projects.


Sheet Metal Fabrication, Installation, and Service

Our fabrication shop utilizes the latest industry technologies allowing for precise manufacturing and minimal waste.
MTB's Sheet Metal Services Include:
-Duct Fabrication and Installation-
--Case Leak Testing-
-Design Build Services-
-RTU and AHU Replacements-
-Retrofit VAV Replacements-
-Light Mechanical Installation-

CAD/BIM Services

The sheet metal team utilizes 3D modeling on fabrication projects to ensure accurate coordination and installation. This tool provides cost-savings throughout the duration of the project and allows the fabrication team to minimize waste.

Duct Air Leakage Testing

Duct Leakage occurs at joints and seals in higher pressure throughout duct-work, which can cause a moderate percentage of air lost throughout duct-work that isn't being delivered properly. Duct Air Leakage Testing in specific, predetermined areas of duct-work can allow for leakage points to be located and promptly repaired with industry approved sealants.

HVAC Fire Life Safety Inspections

Smoke and fire dampers are used to prevent the spread of smoke and fire in HVAC duct-work in the case of a building fire. Failures in these systems can happen, and inspections by certified Fire Life Safety Professionals are critical to maintaining a safe building in the case of a fire.

Sheet Metal Team

Frank Battaglino



Rick Richardson

Operations Manager

Alex Yates

Project Manager

Nick Lohmeier

Project Manager

Leslie Lewis


Michael Aisquith